Ringside Review – October’s IKF Battle of Kent

IKA Light-Contact Show on Sunday 12th October – Battle of Kent


These shows are put on 3 times each year, with an Open Championship event in January each year, clubs from all over the South East of England enter and the level of competition is very good, with some big clubs attending – the next show is in October this year.


Walton KB Club had 4 students entered (a few were missing this time due to injuries) however, Joe Sebostiano, Harry Griffiths, Ben Trumper and Alex Sebev all fought on the day and had trained hard for the event.


We were without Hatti Battle for the first time in 3 years because she is now at Uni.
Joe had taken a break during the summer, so this was his first outing since March and was fight number 4 however, you would not have known, he started at a tremendous pace and had the other fighter (from Kicks) on his back foot immediately. Joe continued this pressure and is array of punch and kick combinations were eye catching and causing the other fighter all sorts of problems. It was the same in rounds 2 and 3 and Joe’s variety of combinations were very impressive – the result was a foregone conclusion, Joe the winner and close on the fight of the day for many people
Harry having his 4th fight after having a 4 week lay-off due to injuries however, he had got himself back in the groove as much as possible. Again his hand combinations were very effective and he was backing these up with a great array of kicks off both legs where possible. The 1st round was close however in the 2nd round Harry’s work to the body was causing the other fighter (from Kicks) a lot of problems and taking the fight away from him, he was struggling to impose himself on the fight and Harry was slowly but surely bossing the round. In the 3rd Harry was starting to tire a little however, he did enough to secure the win in style.


Both Joe and Harry will be entering the IKA English Open Championships in January
Ben was having his 3rd fight and was carrying a cold, never-the-less he was determined to compete and was really up for it. Ben started very fast and with a lot of control, he was majoring on hand combination work and bringing in telling kicks where appropriate, all of which was causing the other fighter a few problems, The pattern of the fight continued the same in rounds 2 and 3 with Ben bossing each round – it was a tough fight, but the result was never in doubt, Ben had his second win
Alex Sebev was having his first fight and had been training up for it over the last 3 months, he was looking good and started the fight very well, hand and kick combinations were very good for a first-timer and his stamina was holding up well. He was pressurising the other fighter and landing much cleaner shots and with control, the other fighter getting a bit heavy and scrappy at times. Each round was going the way of Alex and he lookes the more accomplished kick boxer and so it turned out, a win for Alex in his first outing.


In all 4 fights, the Walton fighters brought a great intensity to the fights, maintaining a good pace in all 3 rounds, this proved a turning point in the middle of each fight, with the opponents just not capable of keeping pace with the Walton lads – fitness and skill being the ingredients required for a good fighter.

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