Ringside Report – IKA Light-Contact Show on Sunday 6th July – Battle of Kent

These shows are put on 3 times each year, with an Open Championship event in January each year, clubs from all over the South East of England enter and the level of competition is very good, with some big clubs attending – the next show is in October this year
Walton KB Club had 3 students entered (a few were missing this time due to holidays and injuries) however, Hatti Battle, Harry Griffiths and Ben Trumper all fought on the day.

Hatti is off to Uni in September, so this was probably her last fight for a while and therefore she was intent on putting on a performance, this was fight number 9, with only 1 loss to date, so it was an important fight and she was up against a girl from the home club, TKO Elite – lot of pressure – Hatti took the fight to the home fighter and was very much on her front foot for most of the fight, her lead leg was having a big effect on the other girl, with her hand combinations backing up her kicks. Some of her combination work was a real pleasure to watch.

The home fighter had her moments however, Hatti just went straight back at her and in the last round a round house kick of her back leg connected cleanly with the other girls head and Hatti finished the round off with a superb left, right, uppercut combination that clinched the result for her – another win for Hatti who is the current IKA Open Champion.

Harry having his 3rd fight, is improving all the time, his hand combinations are very effective and he is now backing these up with a great array of kicks off both legs. As with the last fight, Harry’s work to the body was causing the other fighter (from the Falcons club) a lot of problems and taking the fight away from him, he struggled to impose himself on the fight and Harry was slowly but surely bossing the rounds.

By the end of round 2, Harry was in control and in the 3rd round some very good combinations were starting to flow and he was backing the other lad up a lot. The result, Harry the winner.

Ben was having his 2nd fight and was carrying a foot injury, never-the-less he was determined to put in a good shift and up his game. Restricted slightly with his lead leg, Ben majored on hand combination work and kicks off his rear leg which caused the other fighter (from the BBMA Club) a few problems. In round 2, Ben started using his front leg as well, even though it was causing him some pain, again he had the better of the round.

In the 3rd round Ben was using round house kicks of both legs to good effect and backing the other guy up with fast hand work – it was a tough fight, but the result was never in doubt, Ben had his win.

In all 3 fights, the Walton fighters brought a great intensity to the fights, maintaining a good pace in all 3 rounds, this proved a turning point in the 3rd round of each fight, with the opponents just not capable of fighting at that pace level – fitness and skill being the ingredients required for a good fighter.

By Keith Betts – Instructor

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