Ringside Report: Battle of Kent 18 – Oct 2013

Walton had 8 of its Light contact fighters in action at the IKF show in Kent on Sunday 13th October, it was another excellent show put on by Colin Payne and the TKO set-up.

 These shows are always very competitive, with the likes of TKO, Falcons, Kicks and Fighting Tigers in attendance, these clubs always bring a large contingent of very good fighters and thus competition is always at a high level.


Walton came away with 8 wins and 1 loss, so a very good day in all – even the loss was close and as the fighter was a little off colour on the day, it could have been a clean sweep on another day – having said that most trainers would take 8 wins out of 9 as being a perfect day.


All the fighters did extremely well, performing to their maximum on the day, with a couple of really excellent performances from Reza and Joe, they certainly stepped up on the day.


The fighters were Reza, Alex, Lewis, Ian, Joe, Hatti, Linda and Chloe and they have improved a lot over the course of this year and are performing at high levels and a lot more is expected from them over the next 12months.


On the 8th Dec’2013, Reza, Alex, Lewis and Linda will be entering the IKF English Open Championship being held in Kent and are hoping to come away with the Titles, this of course will be a tall order because there will be some very good clubs/fighters entering and having to fight more than once in a day (possibly even 3 times) is always going to be tough.


Hatti and Chloe will be entering the same IKF Junior competition in January 2014.


The Club now has these 9 fighters competing and there will be at least another 3 Juniors and 2 Seniors entering the competing arena next year as well, so it is becoming very competitive at training sessions on a weekly basis.

 by Keith Betts / Mark Lodge – Instructors


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