Mark overseeing the Kickboxing Grading Silvermere Fight Academy

More promotions at the November 2013 senior gradings

Walton KB Club Senior Grading


Held at the Silvermere Fight Academy on the 3rd November 2013
Grading Officers : Keith Betts 4th Dan & Mark Lodge 3rd Dan


10 Students took part in the grading, with 2 of them going for their Black belt. 1st Dan grade, having spent the past 12 months training hard, competing and perfecting their techniques and fitness. Lewis Kitson and Reza Shamtally both were successful in their Black belt grading and now Walton has 4 Senior Black belts training at the club. Reza also holds a Black belt 1st Dan in Tae Kwon Do, so is a very proficient Martial Artist, who at the age of 36, will soon be deciding whether to go into the Instructors realms, hopefully with the Walton club.


There were also 3 students taking high grade belts, Hatti Battle was taking her Sho-dan ho grade and will hopefully go for her 1st Dan next year, also Linda Barr and Alex Kitson successfully took their Brown belts, so next year they should go for their next grade, the Sho-dan ho.


Mark overseeing the Kickboxing Grading Silvermere Fight Academy The Junior grading will take place on the 30th Nov 2013, with some 20 young students taking part in the grading, which is held over 2 separate sessions.


Senior gradings are made up of 3 separate sessions held on 3 separate days, a fitness test, a freestyle skills test and then the traditional grading itself. A student has to pass all 3 sessions and has to have demonstrated good attendance levels over the preceding 4 months (min) together with good Dojo discipline.


Keith Betts (4th Dan Freestyle Karate – 1st Dan Aiki Jitsu) Grading Officer

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