Hattie and Chloe at Walton Kickboxing / Silvermere Fight Academy

Great Performances by Walton KB at the IKF English Open Championships

These were held in Kent on Sunday the 19th January 2014 and clubs from all over the UK attended, with the vast majority of the categories well competed for. It was an amazing day and a very well run IKF event.

“In the Junior section, Walton KB Club and 2 fighters entered, there was young Chloe Saville and in the youth section, there was Hatti Battle”

Chloe was in the Under 14 section and gained a bye into the semi final, which she won after a very hard bout where her fitness and determination saw her through to the final.

Chloe was using her lead leg very well and her punching combinations were causing the other girl (from Force 1 KB Club) a load of problems, the decision going to Chloe. The final was hard fought with both girls giving it all they had and Chloe’s total determination showing through in the last round.

“The end result was our Chloe prevailing over the fighter from 5 Elements KB Club and taking the Championship title on a majority decision”.

Hatti’s was in the under 18 section and this was also a tough division, the final was fought at a tremendous pace, with neither girl wanting to give way however, Hatti’s combination work and double lead leg roundhouses were causing the other girl a lot of problems. In the last 2 rounds Hatti was getting off rear leg roundhouses to the head and backing the other girl up with a lot of punch combinations, her will to win was just too much for the girl from Falcons KB Club

“Hatti took the championship title with a unanimous decision from the 3 judges”.

In the Senior section, Linda Barr was competing in the featherweight division.

“Her (Linda’s) fights in both the semi-final and then the final were amazing, they were non-stop action from the first round to the last round, the pace of both fights was breathtaking”.

Linda’s fitness levels were seriously tested and in the final round of the Final, she was still forcing the fight. She won the semi final on a unanimous decision, but lost the final on a split decision, in reality that meant by 1 point, so hard to take.


The semi final was most probably Linda’s best performance to date, her kick and punch combinations were tremendous and her work rate was pushing the other girl back, her opponent from the Falcons KB Club who was more experienced was not letting it go easily and came on strong whenever she could, pressurising Linda time and time again.


In the final, it was toe to toe again and her opponent from the Kicks Club who was again more experienced than Linda had some great combinations and kicks however, Linda closed her down and backed her up time and time again – the fight went one way, then the other and so on.


In the end it was given to the other girl on a split decision, with both camps expecting a draw to be declared and thus a extra round would have been required, but it was not to be.

“Walton KB club now has 2 Junior IKF English Open Champions within its Light-contact group, with hopefully more to come.”

Walton’s 3 male fighters could not compete at this show due to injury and holidays however, at the next show they will be there and trying to bring home the titles.

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