Mark overseeing the Kickboxing Grading Silvermere Fight Academy

Grading Report – Walton Kickboxing Club Junior Grading 12th July

Held at the Silvermere Fight Academy on the 12th July 2014

Grading Officers : Keith Betts 5th Dan & Mark Lodge 3rd Dan

16 Students took part in the grading, with 1 of them going for their Blue belt and they all had been training hard over the previous 4 months, sparring in the gym and also perfecting their techniques and fitness Luke Scott was trying for his Purple belt (grade 4 Kyu) and Nicole for her Blue belt (3rd Kyu) both were successful, as were all the other 14 students who were going for their belts from Red up to Green, some students achieved higher than expected standards.

The grading was a great success and all 16 students performed at more than acceptable standards, which reflected the hard work and dedication that they and the Instructors had put in over the preceding 4 months. This was the final part of the grading (and the most important part), with 2 previous classes dedicated to prelim test and fitness test, both had to be passed to proceed to the final stage.

“A student has to, in addition to passing all 3 sessions, have demonstrated good attendance levels over the preceding 4 months (min) together with good Dojo discipline.”

The Senior Grading takes place on the 26th July 2014.

by Keith Betts (5th Dan Freestyle Karate – 1st Dan Aiki Jitsu) Grading Officer

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