Last updated 22 October  2013. Images and videos coming soon!

Main Fighters Profiles 


Lewis Kitson    Weight 80Kg    Light Contact Division 

  • Lewis has been training at the Walton club for over 3 years now and has had 9 bouts so far, he has won all 9 of them, some very convincingly.
  • A silky fighter, with an amazing range of kicks, in the near future he hopes to embark on a full contact career.
  • A big fitness fan and long distance runner (when training permits), he is very committed and strives for improvement continuously –  due to a serious Shoulder injury, Lewis was out of action for 4 months of the year however, he returned to competition in October’13 with a win.

Reza Shamtally   Weight 63Kg   Light Contact Division

  • Reza is a Black belt in ITF-style Tae Kwon Do and has competed in various competitions over the years.
  • He came over to kickboxing in 2010 and eventually joined Walton KB Club fully in 2011.
  • He has had 4 bouts so far, winning 3 of them, a recent serious knee injury (requiring an operation) kept him out of competition for 4 months of this year however, he returned to competition in October’13 with a win,
  • Changing styles was difficult for Reza to start with however, now he is performing well and every bit a kickboxer.
  • He has also now embarked on the preliminary work required to become a future Instructor and often helps the main Instructors at the Junior sessions.


Alex Kitson    Weight 63Kg   Light Contact Division 

  • Alex is the younger brother of Lewis and just as competitive, he has been with Walton for over 5 years now (taking a 12month break due to work/college commitments), he has had 7 fights so far, winning all of them.
  • A pressure type fighter with all the skills, in the very near future he may well embark on a full contact career.
  • A committed trainer, like his brother, does not like failure one bit.

James O’Daly   75Kg   Light Contact Division

  • James has only just started on the competition stage and is looking to start competing a lot during 2013.
  • He is a quick fighter with a good level of skill and fitness for someone at the beginning of his career.
  • He has had 2 fights so far winning one and losing one.

Linda Barr   Weight 55Kg   Light Contact Division

  • Linda has been with the Walton club for over 5 years now however, during 2011/12 she took a break due to the birth of her first child, returning to full training in Jan’ 2013, now in her 30’s, but just as fit and still so competitive
  • She is a front foot fighter, with very good hand skills, having 4 fights under her belt so far, 2 before becoming a mother and 2 this year so far, winning 3 in style.

“There a 2 other adult fighters just coming up to competition stage and their profiles will be added shortly.”


Hatti Battle     Weight 59Kg   Light Contact Division

  • Hatti is only 17 and is a very focused and committed student, she trains with a vengeance, striving to improve continuously – she has had 5 fights so far, winning 4 of them comfortably and drawing one.
  • She has been with Walton for 3 years now, starting in the Junior class, but due to her skill levels and commitment, moved up to the adult classes in 2012 and started competing.
  • Over Xmas 2012, she fractured a bone in her hand (not via training) and although it was placed in a cast, she still came training continuously, taking only 2 weeks out of the gym – the Instructors having to make sure she did not damage the hand again.

Joe Sebastiano   Weight 60Kg   Light Contact Division

  • Joe has had 2 fights now, winning one and losing one, although a draw on this one would have been a fairer result, a lot of first fight nerves were in evidence on the first one.
  • He has a good level of skill and his combination work is very good for one who has just started competition, over the next 12 months a lot of improvement can be expected.


“There are 2 Youths who have just started competition stage, both young lads at 15 and 16  –  their profiles will be added shortly, as and when they have had a few more fights”


Chloe Saville  – Weight 50Kg  Light Contact Division – Age 12

  • Chloe is just 12 and this is hard to believe when she trains/fights, her level is very high for one so your and especially as she is still a beginner in real terms  – in the gym we often have to put her in with the boys, so that she gets good competition
  • A lot is expected from this young lady

Sean Lawrence  –  Light Contact Division Age 10 

  • Sean is still young and learning constantly however, he is really dedicated for one so young and trains with a real focus  –  he has had 2 fights so far, winning both of them
  • He still has a way to go and a few more fights are required, but good things are expected from this young lad.


“There are 4 other junior fighters just coming up to competition stage and their profiles will be added shortly.”