Club Awards

“Walton KB Club fight of the year award”

2012 – Hatti Battle for her outstanding performance in an IKF event which she won in style, performing at level well above her experience

2013 – Reza Shamtally for his breath-taking fight in the IKF event in October, victory with tremendous stamina and all the skills, a fantastic performance

“Shirley Roylance Award”

– Student who has committed the most to the club, inside and outside of the ring –

2011 – Ben Barr, totally committed to his training and fighting, plus available to help the Instructors and other fighters whenever required, a club man through and through

2012 – Jamie Thomas, committed himself to the benefit of the Junior and Senior students, assisting the Instructors at the majority of sessions throughout the year and doing whatever was required for the benefit of others

2013 – Sarah Durant, a totally committed young lady who trained/fought constantly throughout 2011/12 and even now that she is away at University, still trains at the club as much as possible (travelling back home at least twice a month to train with the club) and appears whenever needed to supply extra Sparring for the girls/lady’s still competing