Kickboxing Gradings

Walton Kick Boxing Grading Structure

There is a set syllabus which was written/prepared by Keith Betts back in the year 2001, he submitted it to the clubs governing organisation – IKKA – for approval and this was granted by them after Sensei Michael Cox (IKKA 6th Dan) monitored the first grading session.

The session included a Junior grading, followed by a Senior grading, in all lasting just over 4 hours, both grading sessions were taken by Keith and supervised by Michael and one other IKKA official – the grading syllabus was passed and all grades taken honoured by the IKKA.

“This syllabus is the one in operation today and is based upon Freestyle Karate/Kick Boxing techniques and discipline – it is also a Traditional type format”

Following the cessation of the IKKA organisation in the UK in 2005, Keith applied to the WKMA for membership of Walton Kick Boxing club, this was granted and the Organisations Senior official, Sensei Frank Bowen also passed/recognised the syllabus for use on all future gradings, also honouring Keith’s 4th Dan status at the same time.

  • All gradings are supervised by at least 2 Dan Grade officials and taken by Keith
  • Students attendance record, discipline and fitness contribute to the grading score, not just their ability on the day however, this is of course very important 

The belt structure is as follows :

First belt is Red, followed by Yellow, Orange, Green, Purple, Blue, Brown after this the grade then goes to Brown with black stripe (Sho Dan Ho) and then the Black belt, 1st Dan

Walton operate 3 Belt gradings per year, so students need to train for 4 months between belts in order to take the next level, once the Brown has been taken there has to be an 8 month period between taking the Black stripe and then a 12 month period between the stripe and taking the Black belt 1st dan – the gap between any Dan grade also has to be 12 months. 

Grading Sessions:

The gradings are split into 3 sessions for both Juniors and Seniors, which are taken on separate days over the course of a 10 day period max.


  • Session 1 is a preliminary test, which has to be passed to move onto next level
  • Session 2 is a fitness test
  • Session 3 is the Grading itself


  • Session 1 is a technique test and based on sparring contests between the students in the Ring at the Gym on a Saturday
  • Session 2 is a full on fitness test
  • Session 3 is the Grading itself

Grading Costs:

Costs of Gradings vary depending on the belt taken, but the payment made covers the belt, certificate and entrance fee, there are no other extra costs.

Junior gradings are £2 or more less per belt than for the Seniors, Red belt full cost is £18, rising to £50 for Dan grades.