Keith Betts – Grading Officer and Instructor 4th Dan



 4th Dan in Freestyle Karate/Kick Boxing

Keith has been in the world of Martial Arts for over 25 years now. He trained under 3 regarded Martial artists during the initial years, Sensei Peter Baxter, Prof Brian Dossett and Sensei Gordon Duddy

  • Originally he trained in the art of Aiki-Jitsu, then he went into Ju-Jitsu
  • Finally he went into Kick Boxing/Freestyle Karate encompassing the organisations of WCF, BKBU, IKKA and WKMA

He holds a Black belt Dan grade in Aiki-Jitsu and Freestyle Karate/Kick Boxing, he has also trained in Street survival techniques under Prof B Dossett  – Nigel Townsend, one of his ex-students is today a leading Martial artist in many arts, holding no less than 4 Dan grade black belts – Nigel still has links to the Silvermere Fight academy and is a great friend of Keith’s.

Keith took over Walton Kick Boxing club in 1994 from Gordon Duddy when he retired and made the club one of the most respected kick boxing clubs in the South East, with many good fighters gracing the ring throughout a brilliant 15 year period – he travelled all over the UK and to Scotland, France & the USA with his fighters, improving Walton’s and their own reputations.

His fighters were featured on Euro Sport and Sky Sports TV on many occasions and Walton used to hold 2 major fight venues to capacity crowds each year at the old Walton Leisure centre.

In late 2009 his ex-student Mark Lodge returned to the UK from Spain and became part of the club again, this time as an Instructor, from here Silvermere fight academy came about in 2011 (mainly through Mark’s drive and passion)  –  Mark certainly had all that was required, he certainly typified what Keith’s students were all about and brought many extras to the table from his experiences in Martial arts & Kick boxing whilst abroad, in France & Spain.

Keith has trained many Champion Kick Boxers in an illustrious career spanning a good 19 years.

His students include:

  • Mark Lodge (ex-European Super Middleweight Champion)

  • Alwin Anil (ex-World Middleweight Champion)

  • A host of British champions such as Rob Busby, Andy Reynolds, Darren Orriss, Nick Pearce, Lee Kendrick & Luke Sines

  • His fighters fought on ISKA, WKA, WCF, IKF and WKMA shows throughout the years and at many well known venues, like the York Hall, Bethnal Green – the Corn Exchange, Brighton – Circus Tavern, Essex ­- Elbeuf Arena, France and many more.

There have been many more Full contact champions at English and Southern Area level, plus countless champions in the field of light-contact Kick boxing, at both Junior and Senior level.

Keith still teaches at the Club/Academy, alongside Mark Lodge (his ex student and great friend) and is still very involved with most aspects of the club, he is also responsible for the Grading syllabus and the grading events which happen 3 times a year for both Juniors and Seniors.

Now aged 61, he is still as committed as ever and still takes no prisoners during the many fitness sessions for the main fighters – his philosophy for training has not changed in the last 19 years and there are still 2 quotes he stands by:

 “A fighter needs to have Skill and Willpower however, the Will must be greater than the skill to succeed in the ring.” (the famous Cassius Clay comment)

“Listen to your Trainer and train really hard, that way fight night is easier.”

These he feels represent what it is all about, add to this a serious level of commitment/focus and you have an excellent chance of success – the bottom line is always that a fighter needs to be the best he/she can be, what other people do should be of no interest.